Her story is that she was once a Bahama Major Broads cruiser and the gentleman who bought her had a vision. She was to be made in to a high luxury floating home for shallow waters on the Thames and so this talented engineer began a project that has to date taken 10 whole years.

To get this out of the way before you read further this talented engineer with the vision and funding to create such an incredible dream has recently passed away and thus the dream came to an end before it was finished. She is about 75-80% done a with just final trim, furnishing and finish required as all her extensive and top of the range systems are fitted and believed to be working.

The boat yard has offered their help to aid a new owner in completing the boat as they have built it all. Read on if you wish to know more and if you are after a very high end vessel for leisure or to live on or even rent out.

The idea was to create a self sufficient luxury, 1 super large bedroom, river cruiser that could manage 2 feet of water with ease and that would be comfortable and very well equipped. The project started with the Bahama Major ex Broads cruiser and the hull was extensively modified to create a shallow draft, shallow keel with the benefit of keel cooling for the engine and a tunnel drive hull for the new drive train.

Please note that everything on this boat is brand new and not used other than having been tested at various stages of the build. The engine is new, the prolusion system is new, all fixtures fitting, pipes, wires, controls and everything is brand new and very much the best that can be bought.

The boat has underfloor heating throughout, bespoke hydraulic drive, hydraulic bow thruster, twin Victron 3kw Quatro inverter chargers to allow the boat's electrical systems to be run for extended periods away from power with a huge battery bank which is 8 concealed Rolls batteries which are the best you can get.

The two shower rooms/heads are fitted and working and are huge spaces with equipment and a finish that you would expect in an expensive hotel. Digital showers, underfloor heating, electric toilets to holding tank, all new water and fuel tanks etc etc etc, are all there and working.

The boat has deck wash systems, led lighting, teak decks fitted everywhere, major anchoring systems with Lofrans winch and bespoke GRP storage in the well giving a classy space and lots of storage.

At the rear, internally lockable aft decks and hatches and stylish access to the roof at the rear with bespoke steps etc.

The whole boat has been reimagined from the ground up. The oak cabinetry, stunning headlining and capping's in cherry wood and all the work has been done by a local professional boatyard. Thus, the super high cost of the work but that just means it's all been done right.

The boat comes with all the hardware, parts, manuals design plans and workings that have been bought for the project.

The reality is that this is actually a light front end fit out job and can dress the main cabins as you wish.

The major thing to note here is that the vision for the propulsion system was to be unique and fully electronically controlled. This control philosophy has sadly passed away with the owner and so the boat has its prolusion and thruster system part configured to this methodology. I have spoken to a local marine engine company who supplied the engine and these systems and they have been engaged to convert the system back to conventional engine controls utilising the new engine and just adding parts to create a helm control system and a fully drivable boat in the conventional manner. This is £10k of work and will be paid for by the vendor but the timing of this happening is still not confirmed as this listing goes to press. Should a buyer want the boat in the short term this work will be completed at the soonest opportunity, and by agreement so that the new owner of this stunning opportunity will get a fully drivable boat with functioning helm and thruster.

This has to be the ultimate liveaboard for a practical person to finish off and enjoy with all new kit including engine.

The asking price is open to sensible offers but please do bear in mind the level of kit, engineering and cost that has been put into making this a very special boat indeed.

There will only ever be this one boat like this and she will stand out for many years to come and actually represents incredible value. The boat has been test driven with manual control of the engine which can be seen in the pictures of her afloat being driven on the river.